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New England Imports LLC

55 St. James St.

Portland,ME 04102

(207) 772-0199

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5:00pm

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A Local Maine Family Owned Business

New England Imports LLC recently moved to its new and permanent location at 55 St. James Street. Back in 1982 founder Carl Reminga moved to Cape Elizabeth and established New England Imports LLC at 617 Broadway in South Portland (now a Dunkin Donuts). N.E.I. stayed at this location for one whole decade before moving across the Casco bay bridge to 53 Danforth 1992. Even though we moved across the bridge, our loyal and dedicated customers moved with us and we continued to build our business relationships in the great city of Portland. For another 16 years N.E.I. stayed at 53 Danforth Street until 2008 when our building was sold. Two moves is enough in this business, 55 St. James Street. is to be the final destination of N.E.I. We are still getting acquainted with the neighborhood and find it to be a very pleasant area. Through out over 25 years of doing business in Maine we know what Mainers want and expect from any business especially auto repair. First and foremost is honesty, many times people are put off by vehicle repairs because of the fact that they know nothing about cars. Here at N.E.I. what you see is what you get, literally. If you don't fully understand what we are talking about we will take the time to show you what we mean. We are a family owned and operated business and in many ways treat our customers as we would treat family. Time and time again when you visit us you will see the same faces, Carl and his two sons Tom, and Paul. At N.E.I. you are not a number you are a face, we know all of our customers by first name and you will be no different. The second thing that Mainers expect from us is reliability. All of our work is satisfaction guaranteed. If you feel that something is still wrong with your vehicle after service bring it back, we will be happy to look at it for free. Honesty and reliability, two business concepts that are the cornerstone of New England Imports LLC. We encourage anyone to stop by and check out the new shop, because if you cherish your vehicle like our customers do, than you will want to know where it is being serviced.

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